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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Indiana brought several surprises, not the least of which was the come-from-behind victory of Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. I stopped following the returns for a brief time when Sanders overtook Clinton. I grabbed my phone and tablet quickly, however, when Sanders' hollow victory was drowned out by the surprising news that Ted Cruz was suspending his campaign amidst an insurmountable mathematical elimination. I can almost stomach the loss in Indiana for Clinton when compared with the glee I felt when Cruz exited.
The Sanders victory, wherein he actually received fewer delegates than Clinton (when you take into account the super-delegates), was so incredibly overshadowed by Cruz dropping out that it seemed almost timed on the part of the Cruz campaign and the GOP. In fact, my Twitter feed exploded after the Cruz announcement, which occurred before the networks called Indiana for Sanders (at least according to Twitter) .
The tweet from Reince Priebus almost immediately after the Cruz bombshell says it all:
Adding to the Cruz dropout, today we learn that the last Republican hold-out, John Kasich, is also reportedly ending his campaign. The fact that Bernie Sanders won Indiana, likely well too late for his campaign to do much about it, has been so completely drowned out, as to make the win appear to be just a blip in this long and contentious primary season.
With Donald Trump being the only remaining GOP candidate, and Sanders being over 800 delegates behind Clinton, it is almost certain that this November we will see woman-bashing Trump compete for the presidency against a woman. The only bad news for Trump right now would be if Republicans begin to move to support Clinton, virtually guaranteeing four more years of a Democrat in the White House.
The task for Democrats and pretty much anyone with any common sense now should focus on making sure that Donald Trump never sets foot in the White House. We should also try to re-take Congress while we are at it.

Dr. James Norwood is a middle school teacher (English/Language Arts and Drama). He is very passionate about true education reform that reaches all students and all parents. Dr. Norwood possess a PhD in the area of curriculum and instruction and spends much of his time working with his school and district developing a more holistic approach to the curriculum. Contact me


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