Education Reform From the Teacher's Perspective

Thursday, August 1, 2013

This is an important story for education reformers because many of the so-called reformers on the scene bring out people much like Michelle Rhee whenever they want to "prove" their style of education reform works (see the news about Tony Bennett out of Florida).

Why do I oppose Michelle Rhee style reform? The answer is simple: creating change through terror is not effective and will inevitably lead to the wide scale scandals that have engulfed not only the Washington D.C. school system, but also Atlanta and now Florida. Change in education will not come from scare tactics or coupling pay with test scores. Real change occurs inside classrooms and in how teachers teach.

A Story About Michelle Rhee That No One Will Print | Taking Note

Dr. James Norwood is a middle school teacher (English/Language Arts and Drama). He is very passionate about true education reform that reaches all students and all parents. Dr. Norwood possess a PhD in the area of curriculum and instruction and spends much of his time working with his school and district developing a more holistic approach to the curriculum. Contact me


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