Education Reform From the Teacher's Perspective

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have recently become aware of the amazing possibilities of using technology to foster professional development. Specifically, I discovered much to my surprise over the weekend the amazingly vibrant and diverse community of educators in the multi-user graphical enviromnent of Second Life (SL).

Not only is their an amazing community of educators in SL, organizations such as ISTE (International Society of Technology in Education), DEN (Discovery Educators Network), CUE (Computer-using Educators), etc., have a growing presence in SL.

The breadth of experience using both SL and another amazing technological tool, Twitter, bring a whole new level of professional development and community to the educational community willing and brave enough to venture in.

Along those lines, I came up with an exciting concept of merging the more person-to-person based Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) that many schools and districts are adopting, and bringing the potential of a well-functioning PLC into SL where educators are able to collaborate with others from other states or even other countries. I will be exploring more on this concept in this blog as well as on March 6th for ISTE at one of their socials, and on for DEN on March 11th, as a featured presenter.

I am so revved up I cannot wait to find out what else is out there and what else will help in both my professional development and growth, as well as in my practice.

Dr. James Norwood is a middle school teacher (English/Language Arts and Drama). He is very passionate about true education reform that reaches all students and all parents. Dr. Norwood possess a PhD in the area of curriculum and instruction and spends much of his time working with his school and district developing a more holistic approach to the curriculum. Contact me


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